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We added two reasons to the "Why" page, we also added a link to Bob Lambs site. AND we FINALLY got around to doing Brittany's favorites on the "Our Page". We were gonna add some new pics but we decided we will until tomorrow because we are a little upset that our brother went to the 3 Doors Down and Fuel concert and we didn't!! OH and I (Summer) went and seen "Say it isn't so" lastnight (it was a sneak preview) and I just want to say I knew I didn't like Courtney Peldon the first time I saw her in "Wild Grizzly" and not just because she was with Riley. She had a very small part in the movie and all she did was show her chest!! That is tacky!! I seriously don't recommend it!! The whole movie was pretty lame. Just lettin' ya know how it is :)~Updated 03/23/01

Today we added another page, "Gallery 5" with pictures from Bob Lamb's official site, so thanks to him. Oh and be sure to check out his site!!! It has a bunch of guys on it!!! :) we also updated the standings for our poll and added 2 reasons to the "Why" page. We also added a pic to the "Mag Pics" page. AND we added our award! We finnaly got it up after a while of foolin' around with it.~Updated 03/22/01

WHOA!! guess what??? we emailed Bob lastnight and asked him if it is ok to give the winner of the contest we are gonna be having a Riley t-shirt, we are gonna have it made at a store here in town and the 2nd place winner will get a Riley Coffee mug the 3rd will get a Riley pin. He emailed us back and said it was a great idea and that he was gonna be doing a photoshoot with Riley tomorrow and he will send us a pic from that shoot to put on the shirt, mug and pin!!!! How awesome is that?!?!?!?!?! very!! But we are not gonna tell you what the contest is until April 13th! So keep checkin' back. We also put up a new page called "Our Awards" which will have the awards our site has won. Well thats all for now.~Updated 03/21/01

Hey everyone!!!! We can not tell you how happy we are to be updating today!!! Ok now we know that must sound weird but just keep readin'. Last Friday we came to update and our website and it mysteriously dissappeared. It said we have been kicked of Tripod or some crap like that, and we both just broke down in tears!!!! We told our parents and they were VERY upset, they know how much we love this site and how hard we worked on it and wanted to get to the bottom of why it was gone. So we emailed Tripod and Bob Lamb to let him know what was going on. I came today just to see if maybe it was not true that maybe it was a dream and...IT WAS BACK!!! So we are VERY VERY happy!! We thought maybe it was someone who wanted to win the contest and just was getting rid of the competition, ya know? Well it could have been but thank goodness they didn't get away with it!!! ANYWAY, we added a page called "Contests" it is kinda self- explanatory, go check it out. And we added another page called "Dedications" were you can dedicate a song that reminds you of Riley. Well that's all for today. Happy 11th Brithday Jasmine and Joey!! Our twin brother and sister :) (Joey's birthday was actually yesturday but oh well)~Updated 03/20/01

We added a reason to the "Why" page we put it as # 2 because it's really important. We also added a page called "Help Riley" and it is mailing addresses along with email addresses to some of the mags that we read to help get Riley in them. So email them RIGHT NOW!!! and let them know that we want more Riley in their mags!! Let them now some things about him and the address to his Official site, We also added the standings to the poll so far. Tomorrow we will announce some news that you might like and a few pages so be sure to check back.~Updated 03/15/01

Riley's official site ( is holding a contest!!! Make a Riley site, send the URL to Bob Lamb and on Riley's birthday (April 12th) he will look over all the sites and choose the best one. Then Riley will do a photoshoot for the winning site and you can even send him props to have in the pictures or a shirt you want him to wear. That's cool!! We sent in our URL but we are not getting our hopes up because we are not professionals, we can't do all this flashy stuff with our site we just put as much information on it as we can. We are doing this to show our love and support for Riley not make his picture fly across the screen. So we are gonna say Congradulations now to the winnner!! Good Job!! Anyway we added page called "Riley Polls" and we tried to find a REAL poll we could add to our site but just about all the ones we found are for HTML ran sites. For now we are just gonna ask ?s and have you email us your answer. Go and give us your opinion on the ? that is up now. AND we also added "Our Page" so just go check it out and learn a little more about your webmasters. Well just me because Brittany hasn't done hers yet, she's gonna do it tonight~Updated 03/14/01

As you might have noticed we changed the name of our site to "The web's Best Riley Smith Fan Site" (LOL, thats a long name) Because we found a site with a similar name as our old one. OK now guess what?? We just got a email from Bob Lamb and Riley's personal manager Craig!!! Both in the same day!!! That is AWESOME to us :) Craig said "I just wanted to say Hey and tell you I like the Riley site you created. Criag" Isn't that cool??? We know it is so you don't have to answer that :) Last night we wrote to Bob telling him what big fans we are and stuff and we also put where we were from. He replied back and told us that he has a niece named Jennifer that lives in the same city as us and while Riley was filming "Motocrossed" he got her and a friend down there to hang with Riley for the day. He said Riley got them a big bowl of candy to eat while he was filming :) Then they all went out for dinner and Jennifer got a BUNCH of pictures!!! He also said "one thing I know for sure is Riley really loves his fans" AWWWWW!! Isn't that the sweetest!!!????!!!!~Updated 03/13/01

Ok yesturday we looked and found out that "Grizzly" was gonna be on at 2:40...AM!!!! So we were trying SOOO hard to stay awake. Brittany fell asleep at about 10pm(she's a sleeper) and then I was really bored and tired so I went and ate a bunch of candy I bought the day before to try and stay awake. I fell asleep at about 12:45am!!! My stepdad woke Brittany up at 6:15am for school(we fell asleep on the coach) and ended up waking me up too, then I remembered that "Grizzly" was on again at 5:40am and I had set a reminder for it. So I jumped up, and sure enough the reminder was up on the screen, I turned it and it was about 40 mins. into the movie but I pressed record anyway and I went back to the coach and just about fell back to sleep but then I realized the volume wasn't up!!! But I couldn't turn it up because it would wake our mom and she has been REALLY sick lately!! So I got the last hour of "Grizzly" with no volume!!!! and then I couldn't fall back to sleep because Riley had been on TV and I was still excited about it!!!!! I checked the schedule after the movie was over as far as it could go(Thursday) and it's not on again, as far as it says!!! So i'm just a little mad at myself!! :) But I will be alright, it's suppodsed to be playing all month. Anyway, we are still working on our page but it should be up in a few day.~Updated 03/12/01

We added a pic on the "Mag Pics" page. It's the official "Motocrossed" poster. We seen this in a magazine, but you can also find it on the Disney site.~Updated 03/11/01

Hey everyone, we were gonna put the Aaron pics on yesturday but we didn't know where to put them and we didn't want to put them with Riley's cuz...well we didn't. So we will be making a page about us and putting them on that page. Oh and guess what??? We got our mom to order all the HBO channels!! Now I(Summer) just have to give her $60 a month to pay for it :) but it's totally worth it!! Now we just have to see when "Grizzy" is gonna be on again.~Updated 03/10/01

Riley is currently filming "Arac Attack" for Warner Brothers. He also began shooting the parody "Teen Movie"
He plays the Wes Bently character from American Beauty. AND Look for Riley's guest appearance next season on NBC's "Alecia". PHEW!!! that boy is BUSY!!!!!~Updated 03/09/01

Go to Riley's official site and check out the exclusive interview under "Riley's Stats"!! Tomorrow we will be adding some of the Aaron Carter pics we took at the concert, they turned out better than we thought because it was a disposable camera and those make things look further away than they really are but they are still good.~Updated 03/08/01

We added a copy of the email Riley sent us on the front page, we wanted to make sure that people see it so we underlined it and made it a different color. Speaking of the colors we decided to do that with the whole site, it seems to make things alot easier to read.~Updated 03/07/01

We had a little time so we wanted to tell everyone that "Wild Grizzly" will be playing on HBO all month long:) That kinda sucks because we have all the movie channels like Starz and Encore but not HBO :(~Updated 03/03/01

We added a new page called "ATVM Pics" because the "Movie & TV PIcs" page was getting kinda big. We also added 2 more reasons to our "Why" page and added pictures to the "Mag Pics" page and "Movie & TV Pics". And we added captions to just about all the pictures not on the picture pages.(does that make sense?) We probably won't be updating tomorrow because we got my brothers basketball game and then I got to work and Britt is gonna be gone. But we will most likely do it Sunday after I get out of work, we will add a copy of the two line email he sent us. :) It's ok we still LOVE it.~Updated 03/02/01

Us being the stupid heads we are ALWAYS though Riley was born is '79, well we found out he was born in '82!! DUH!! (we have been saying DUH!! alot lately) Which is REALLY good news to us because he is more our age :) (Britt is 14, i'm gonna be 17) ~Updated 03/01/01

You know how we were all confused about the "12th Lap" movie that was supposed to be airing the same week as "Motocrossed"? Well we have it all figured out thanks to Carol Ann. "12th Lap" was the original name for "Motocrossed"!! DUH!!!! we should have known that!! :) Thanx Carol Ann.~Updated 02/28/01

Ok now this is gonna be long!! Saturday we found out Aaron was not getting there till Sunday so that kinda sucked because that is one of the reasons we wanted to get there on Saturday. Sunday morning we got up around 9am left around noon and it was REALLY windy!! We got to our car and it wouldn't start because the night before we went to this HUGE mall and it was raining really hard and we went through these huge puddles and it got under the hood all wet (cars don't like that much). After about 10 min. we FINALLY got it started. We went to the Rite Aid down the street from our hotel. My step dad (Jon),my sister (Jennel) and I (Summer) waited in the car while my mom (Kim), my brother (Joey) and my two sisters (Britt & Jasmine) went in the store to buy a camera posterboard and sharpie. We could see inside the store and they were in the checkout lane when all the sudden the power went out. My little brother is REALLY scared of that kind of thing and so Jon went in the store to help calm him. Then my mom motioned for Jennel and I to come in the store, she said it was too dangerous for us to stay in the car because the wind was blowing so hard that is was rocking our truck, and our truck is not small it's a '92 Trooper. My mom wanted to wait for the weather to calm and plus she wanted to see if the power came back so she could buy the stuff. We were the only people they let in the store, so my family was standing in a dark store with like 3 other people that we don't know the slightest in a different city, so needless to say it was VERY awkward!! Jennel, Brittany and I were getting really worried that a line was forming outside the State Theater, cuz it was general admission and we wanted to get there by 1pm so we could get really close. Well we finally gave up and just left. We went to McDonalds cuz we hadn't eaten all day. Then we hunted for a place to buy a disposable camera, I spotted a Meijer (a department store that is only in like 5 states) we hurried and picked up a camera and a teddy bear with a twix (Aarons fav candy bar). We got there around 3:15pm and there were like 10 people in line, we were really relieved to see that!! We keep ourselves busy singing Aaron's songs with other fans. Right around the corner is where all the tour buses park, so we keep checking around the corner to see if Aaron's bus was there yet but just the opening act's buses were there. Then we seen this big all black tour bus coming down the street and then the back window opened and cute adorable little Aaron poked his head out stuck his tongue out at the fans :0P and he was wearing a red skull cap. Jennel being the best sister she is said she would save our spots in line and told us to run after him, so we did!! We got to were the buses park and there was this huge group of people behind a barricade and we were at the very back so we ran in the street around the opening act's buses and we didn't realize that is right were Aarons bus was backing in to and almost got hit but we didn't, we made it to the sidewalk just as it was parking. We ended up in front of the barricade but then got told to back up behind the barricade, so we did. Then Aaron walked off the bus with like 7 or 8 other people maybe even more. I got like three pictures of him but I wouldn't have gotten that many if he didn't stop and wait for this little boy who got off the bus right after him(it was SOOO cute) cuz he walked right into the bulding after waving and smiling at the fans for a sec he was wearing just about all red with all this silver jewlery. Then we went back to Jennel and told her all about it. We talked to these moms in front of us for a little bit and then just continued trying to entertain ourselves and keep ourselves warm. I was SOO happy we talked to these ladys because we noticed that there were like 6 people in between us and them but we didn't say anything, and then one of those lady came up to us and said you girls were right behind us so your supposed to be up here. So we walked up to where we were supposed to be and she told the people that cut that we had been waiting there for hours and we were supposed to be behind her not them, I LOVE THAT LADY!!!!! A little while later they opened the doors!!! WOOHOO!!! We got in and Jennel hurt her knee so Britt and I RUN to go get our spots and we get second row and Jennel comes and tell us we did a good job. Before the concert even starts there is a bunch of pushing going on, which is what should be expected at a GA concert but this was already pretty rowdy. Then this group called Code 5 came out and they were good. They brought Aarons mom Jane on stage, and one of them sang to Jennel :) The crowd pushed pretty bad for them. Then Tik 'n' Tak came out and they were... well let's just say interesting :) And the crowd seemed to have calmed down a bit. Then what everyone was waiting for...AARON!!! Everyone went CRAZY!!! the pushing was HORRIBLE!!!! I was snaping the camera like mad. He did the first song and these moms were pushing into Britt like crazy and she was getting really upset so Jennel and I being the protective sisters we are started helping her out and we put our arms around her to ease the pushing. He did the second song and things were about the same. He was singing "Iko Iko" when Jennel (who had been sick for a week but forced herself to go) started feeling really short of breath. So I said do you want to go sit down we will go with you, she didn't want us to lose our spots and offered to go sit by herself but I refused to let her do that, so she decided that she would just wait to see if it would go away. He started his fourth song "Bounce" when Jennel looked at me in panic and send I HAVE to go sitdown. I said Britt lets go sit, but going to sitdown Jennel almost fell and started crying really hard (which she never does) so I took her out to the lobby and sat her against the wall and told Britt to stay next to her. I went and told this lady behind the merchandice table that I needed help my sister was about to pass out but she didn't understand me cuz I was talking so fast, then I got even more upset and started crying trying to tell her again so it was even harder for her to understand me and she just ended up handing me a bottle of water. So I went to the next person I seen which which was this guy and I started telling him and he knew what I was talking about and asked me where she was and I pointed to her and we ran over to her and he had Britt go get a cold wet paper towel. He was putting it on her neck and talking to her I guess trying to keep her concious, I noticed that he was wearing a Aaron BS pass but didn't look twice cuz I was so worried about Jennel. I asked him if I could call my mom who was at the Palace of Auburn Hills at a Pistons game with Jon, Jasmine and Joey and he said he didn't work there but to go ask the paramedic sitting by the entrance. So I ran over to her crying trying to tell her what was going on and why I needed the phone but she just called for another paramedic over her walkie and then she came and took us to this bulding that was nextdoor but connected to the State Theater. When we got there she was checking out Jennel and I told her that trying to get Jennel out of the crowd I got punched in the ribs. (Which I did but I wasnt gonna worry about it til Jennel was checked out) So she checked me out too and got us both icebags. Over her walkie we could hear them saying last song and green light for Aaron then she told us that meant he was gone. We were dissapointed because we thought maybe we could see a little bit more of the concert. She asked us if there was a way to get ahold of our parents we told her we were from out of town and that they were gonna pick us up down the street at Hockeytown Cafe so she walked us half
way there and told us to have our parents go back to the State Theater to talk to her when they picked us up. We were just about at Hockeytown when Aarons bus drove by and Britt and I started jumping up and down and screaming. Then we went to Hockeytown and waited till our parents got there. We told them what happened and they said they were
sorry we had such a bad time. We went back to the State Theater and the paramedic had already left so we just went back to our hotel. After talking about everything that happened we finally went to sleep. Monday morning we woke up around 9am and checked out of our hotel. The day before one of the DJs at one of the radio stations (WDRQ) said that Aaron was gonna be in the studio that morning, since we weren't from there we didn't know where the studio was so we decided that after getting gas we would go to his hotel. All of us got REALLY excited and then we found out that after getting the gas we had only a little money left on us. So mymom decided that we shouldn't go to Aaron's hotel because we need the money and gas for the ride home and we didn't know if Aaron had already checked out or not. So at 10:15am we started our 3 1/2 hour trip home very dissapointed and upset. When we got home we found out that we would have had enough gas! Brittany checked her email later that night and found out 5 girls from the street team (which were on, that is how we knew what hotel he was at) went to his hotel and got to hang out with Aaron, his mom Jane and a few of his friends from 10am till 4pm!!!!!!! All we could think is WE HAD ENOUGH GAS!!!!!! So needless to say we were upset. Jennel said that she will buy us three tickets to a couple BSB concerts fot the Summer Tour that Aaron is opening for but we are still MAD!!!!~Updated 02/27/01

We added one more reason to our "Why" page. We know these things should be rollin' off the top of our heads but we are drawing a blank. There are a TON of reasons to love him so if you think of something email us with it and we will give you full credit. We don't really have anything else to put on the site so there won't be anything like pics added anytime soon. We will still find something to put on though. Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Detroit again (we go there ALOT) because we are going to the Aaron Carter concert at the state theater Sunday with our older sister Jennel. We found out he was getting there tomorrow and what hotel he was staying at so of course we called and made reservations. We will be back early Monday. We will of course update and tell how it was. OH and I(summer) want to say Happy Birthday to another one of my favorite guys Tommy McCarthy from No Authority he turns 21 today. I have met him like 8 times and he is always SOO sweet.~Updated 02/23/01

YES!!! we FINALLY got that pic up that we scanned from "Cosmo Girl" it loads slower that the other ones though. Ok that is about all for today. We want to wish a Happy Birthday to Brian Littrell of BSB he is 26 today!! Our little boy is all grown up :)~Updated 02/20/01

We added a new page called "Mag Pics" we only have one picture so far. We just got the new "Cosmo Girl" mag and it has a ad for "Motocrossed" in it we scanned it and tried adding it to the site but for some reason won't upload onto the site. We will have our dad look at it and if he fixes it we will have it up by tomorrow. If you missed the premier of "Motocrossed" check your local listing because Disney has been replaying it alot(WOOHOO). We are still planing on putting a copy of the email he sent us on the site but we just haven't got around to it. It's only like two lines long but means SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to us. You don't even know how much we LOVE it. We cried when we got it!!! :-P We will be updatingagain tomorrow, so check back.~Updated 02/19/01

WOW!! "Motocrossed" was soooo GOOD! Especially the scene by the lake...NIPS!!!! We recorded it and watched that scene at least 5 times :) And another part we like was that he didn't end up kissing Andi. WOOHOO!! The only thing we didn't like was that there was this whole thing about *N Sync tickets, we don't like them that much and would have prefered BSB :) But he ended up saying the concert was lame, HAHAHA!! It was even better than we expected!! Oh and the Backstreet Boys concert was SOOOO awesome!! Even though we got there late and ended up missing Krystal and Destiny's Child, we got there just before BSB came out. We can't wait to get tickets to the summer leg of the tour. We added some pics from other movies he's done on the "Movie and TV Pics" page.~Updated 02/17/01

We are SOOO sorry that we haven't updated in like a week but we have been REALLY busy. I got GREAT news though.....RILEY EMAILED US!!!!!!! We will add a few more pictures and a capy of the email tomorrow because we're just about out the door headed for Detroit to go see, the best group in the world, BACKSTREET BOYS!!! We know that everyone is probably just as excited as we are about tomorrow..MOTOCROSSED!!! It's gonna be sooo awesome!! We also started the "Why" page so check it out.~Updated 02/15/01

We just got this off the Official site. Riley will play Derek, a Hemophiliac, on ABC's "Gideon's Crossing" on either Monday the 5th or Monday the 12th. Lets hope its the 12th because if it was the 5th we missed it!! If it is the 12th we will tell you how it is.~Updated 02/07/01

OMG!! we just seen the new "Motocrossed" commercial and Riley has his shirt off!!!!!! He has such a nice body :) Oh and we added the "ATVM" pics today and decided to add captions to all the pics on that page. Well that is about it today.~Updated 02/05/01

It's Friday, 5 days after sending Riley a email still no reply :( But we are not giving up. We will try again either tonight or tomorrow. We are probably going to add the
"ATVM" pics tonight or tomorrow also. It's kinda hard to make the site, updating and adding things because during the day because Brittany goes to school and I have homestudy and a babysitting job. So I have to wait till she gets around and I'm not working. And I have two jobs and work seven days a week. So that is why it is taking a while for us to get everything up. SORRY!!~Updated 02/02/01

We added some pictures to the "TV and Movie Pics". We have pics from "Wild Grizzy" and "Minor Threat" up.~Updated 02/01/01

Well the Giants didn't win the Super Bowl lastnight..darn. NOT!!!hahaha We didn't want them to win.(Sorry if you like them)~Updated 01/29/01

We are going to email Riley tonight and maybe we will actually get a reply!! We have the "behind the scenes of Motocrossed" commercial recorded off disney. You probably seen it, he looks soooo good!! We are gonna see if somehow we can put pics of the commercial on the site. Oh and we want to wish Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys a Happy 21th Birthday!!!!~Updated 01/28/01

This is not about Riley but it seems like it's only right.
Brittany and I are huge fans of the made up MTV "boy band" 2ge+her, we have loved them from the start. We loved the movie, we bought the CDs(yes, they really sing) and we have watched and loved every episode of of the series.
As many of you probably know Michael Cuccione who play Jason "QT" McKnight aka "the cute one" or as he called it "the dewy-eyed youngster" died of lung failure after a month in the hospital and several operations.
People are saying he died of cancer but he didn't this is what happened.
Michael was diagnoses with Hodgkins disease at 9 and again at 11 he needed strong doses of chemotherapy and 12 treatments of radiation and it was gone but left him with a slight respiratory problem, air could not flow through his lungs properly.
In early December of 2000 he got into a car accident in his hometown of Vancouver and got pneumonia and had to enter the hospital on Dec.4.
This is where Michael spent the rest of his stay. He had several operations and was expected to make a full recovery.
On Saturday the night of January 13 his lungs collapsed and Michael died in his sleep, just eight days after his 16th birthday.
Michael did NOT die of cancer. Michael was proudly a two time cancer survivor.
Brittany and I took this very hard. I don't know if I could take what his family and friends have to be going through right now. He was and always will be loved and admired by so many and he will be greatly missed. Please go to his officail site that he and his grandmother made by clicking on the picture at the bottom of this page. Help keep Michael's dream alive by making a donation. 2ge+her.We can make a difference.
~*Michael James Cuccione January 5,1985-January 13,2001*~
"Sometimes you must live through the darkness in order to see the must visulize"~"Visulize" by Michael Cuccione ~Updated 01/26/01

Today we FINALLY got our guest book!!!! So please be sure to sign. We have just about everything up but the "Movie and TV Pics" and we are gonna be adding a page telling why we love Riley within the next day or two. ~Updated 01/25/01

We heard that "12th Lap" will air on Disney the week of Valentines. But this might just be someone getting it mixed up with "Motocrossed" which airs on Disney on Feb. 17 @ 7PM. ~Updated 01/24/01

It's rumored that Riley is thinking of start a singing career, and he has already recorded three songs and is working with a Producer named Bradley Spalter. If this is true we wish him all the luck in the world.~Updated 01/23/01

Riley is dating Ashley Lyn Cafagna who is also one of the host of American Teen Video Magazine and she also stars as "Kimberly Fairchild" on CBS's Soap Opera "Bold and the Beautiful". (That show ROCKS!! We have watched that and "Young & The Restless" for years with my mom)~Updated 01/22/01



Britt hurry up!!! he's waiting for us :)

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