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Here we will name some of the things about Riley that we just love. We will be adding things as we think of them. If there is something about Riley you love and we don't have it up write us by clicking on the "email us" link. We will give you credit.

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1. his sweet personality!!! DUH!!!

2. how much he cares for the fans

3. he acts SOO good :)

4. he truly loves what he is doing

5. his eyes

6. his smile

7. his body

8. his Nips (lol, we're wierd we know)

9. his voice

10. @ the end of "Motocrossed" when Andy asked if he was any
good the way he said "I'm alright" that is SOOOOOOOO extremly cute!!!

11. The scene in "Motocrossed" by the lake when he kinda looks back and says "what 'cha gonna do about it" is also an adorable part of the movie!!!!!!

12. the way his butt looks in his motocross outfit :)

13. he is not much older than us!!!!!

14. he emailed us!!!!

15. the way he dresses

16. his lips :) Thanks to Renae for this one!

17. his hands


You can't tell but he is looking over at me in this pic~Summer
NO!!! he's looking at me!!!~Brittany

The Web's Best Riley Smith Fan Site

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